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Welcome to Bridging Associates

What do Patricia Heyman and Bridging Associates offer that is new and creates breakthrough possibilities?

We focus on three areas. Our simple tagline is “Jumping from the iPod to the We Pod.” Basically, our work with you will result in breaking through the barriers to essential group collaboration.

Through the use of our essential tripod made up of communication, accountability, and solution focus, we build and develop high-performing teams that interact regularly, trust each other, and have the ability to be creative and innovative.

There are three areas of focus that we use to create results:

1Team Leadership Coaching for senior leaders to increase personal effectiveness within their own top leadership team, and with the teams that they lead.

2Team Building and Development, using innovative processes to create relationships that allow quality connection and communication to become a regular part of every day. Dynamic, useful meetings that are productive work sessions eliminating the phrase often heard at the end of a meeting, “I have to get back to work.”

Our Four Meeting Model offers a specific way to bring a new meeting culture into your environment. The elements in this model are contained in the Collaborative Leadership model with consultant facilitation. For more information on using these elements, and incorporating into your team, visit: The Four Meeting Model.

3Using our Collaborative Leadership Team Alignment Model we also engage with your team in a Strategic Planning Process so that implementation takes place. We use the team approach and processes to create areas of strategic priority, and to produce the involvement and engagement of everyone in the organization to achieve those goals.


Collaborative Leadership: Team Building and Development

Engaged Leaders and Teams are a key first step to implementing your organization’s vision and goals. Once you and your team are truly engaged, we can develop a Culture of Collaboration so everyone can succeed. Without engagement and collaboration, it’s going to be uphill all the way, if you make it at all….more

Team Leadership Coaching for Personal Effectiveness

Senior Leaders develop a clearer vision for communication and strategic planning, and we help them create greater personal effectiveness through awareness about how others experience them.  Through this process they learn to create essential connections, master the art of setting priorities, and learn to focus time and energy for completing them. Senior Leaders learn to foster greater accountability from their team leaders and team, while remaining strategic through effective delegation and trust building….more

Strategic Planning Process for Increased Implementation and Intended Results

Our Strategic Planning Process, which works best in conjunction with our Collaborativel Leadership/Team Alignment strategies, creates a high-level strategic focus that can be harnessed to ensure goals keep the vision and mission of the organization in mind. Senior teams within functional areas or individual business units can use this process to engage in strategic planning and, specifically, the implementation process, which tends to break down without proper team engagement….more